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Wednesday, 24 May 2006



Well, what can I say? I'm trying to think of an original way to tell you how adorable be your wee bairns but you know, I think I've used up my entire repertoire.

Hope those nether regions are feeling tip top soon.


Is it just me or does your youngest have exceptional rhythm! And I will now be singing that song all day.

GOILERS!!!!! What a game!!!


Yeah, so, I didn't need to hear an infectious KISS song first thing at work. Let's see, I see an entry in my future... How Simon's Blog Got me Fired.


Simon, haven't we been through this with the mondegreens entry? It's 'part OF every day', doncha know. Sheesh, gotta take time for a nap!

Hazel Hazel

My first smile of the day and it's from ear to ear. Darlings.


Wow, that Tavish sure has the heavy metal moves down. When do you get him his first pair of four inch platform boots?

the Mater

These videos are such a joy to watch! Tavish will be a junior lifeguard soon if he continues with his swimming technique :>) He seems so relaxed in the water - it's a wonder he made such a fast appearance for you and Amy. I woulda thought the kid would never want to come out onto dry land after seeing him having so much fun in the bathtub!

Declan will be an archivist in his old age once he gets tired of moving the earth with his head. I guess you're training one of them for a hockey career though. They even mentioned the Oilers down here in Philly.

Glad you have a great sports team to take your mind off more delicate matters.

Go Oilers :>)

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