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Monday, 01 May 2006



Yes, those damn ineluctable needs. You'll make a literate woman of me yet. I'm going through the same thing lately. Although I enjoy most of my work, there are these other non-money-earning activities into which I'd rather pour my energy. Quite the tightrope act. What ever happened to "Do what you love and the money will follow?" Maybe it's still true.


Well, you succinctly wrapped up my post about work in one paragraph. Well said.


Dang fine pic of Dex on your banner. That's great composition. Oh, and he's cute, too.


My sentiments, exactly. And succinctly. I suffer with a similar dilemma of the somniatic sort. To make the other possible. Sleep calls. Goodnight, Prince.
Damn fine banner.


I love the fact that I need a thesaurus to read this post. I learned so much today!!!!


Oh wait..forgot to add that I LOVE your new banner. What a great shot!!!! Good eye!

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