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Tuesday, 25 April 2006



how blessed you all are!


He doesn't seem to be afraid o' them pine cones.


It is good to see that some of the younger generation have their priorities in order.

(with a great deal of pride)


Paul, I'm trying to decide if that comment was ambiguously hilarious or just a little off. Knowing your sense of humour, I'll go with the former.


I didn't notice you doing any bitching. I thought that was just an amusing narrative.

All joking aside — what a beautiful family you have.

Oh and Simon, I think your daddy is reading your blog. Can I still hurl profanities about? Of course your daddy is probably my age. Christ, now I'm all confused.



Please refer to THIS POST of my past that references my father (grampa) taking his two boys on a fishing trip and teaching them the proper context in which to swear. (Any opportuninty to pimp myself.)

So yeah, it's way cool to hurl profanities about; so long as they're marginally topical.

The real clincher is that I'm pretty sure one of my aunts reads this site on a regular basis... and she's a Catholic nun!

Jesus effin' Christ on a crutch, eh?


I was starting to think either you loved to see yourself in pictures, or you and the kids were the only folk in your house willing to undergo pixeliration.


You've got yourself a really pretty wife and 2 really cute kids!


The EU & Commonwealth Countries would prefer you employ the term Independent Maritime Resources Reapportionment Specialist rather than Pirate; Arr! and Yar! are still allowable under the Maastricht Treaty.

You're a man rich with family, Simon Fraser.


A virtual King's Ransom :-) They are blessed as well, mate.

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