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Friday, 21 April 2006



Absolutely it's the best news that Tavish was diagnosed with something relatively minor, especially without a spinal tap. It's always better to be hyper-vigilant than not with small ones. As for Declan, it IS a phase. Liam went through the stage of freaking out when presented with snow or mud or puddles to walk through, lasting, oh, maybe 2-3 years. We still (at 7) get the occassional balk at mud. I've NEVER had the stereotypical rough and tumble type of boy.


Gaaa! Well, Declan first. I'm certain it's just a phase. As you know, I'm the expert on phases, and you don't know the half of it. Kids come into this world with some weird baggage that takes them a while to work out, in my opinion.

As for Tavish, I am keeping you all in my thoughts today and hoping this is the usual absolutely nothing that babies cook up in order to make sure the parents know where the balance of power lies. Deep breath.


You guys are kind of lucky I don't know where you live because I would be there, making a total pest of myself and being all obnoxious and trying to make you feel better and probly cooking all kinda shit and just trying to convince you that I really feel for you. Gad, I feel like this happened to one of my kids. Very glad Tav and you all are ok. DeClan will be fine. Get your light sabre out and fry the bastard cones!


That's the sort of thing that'll wake you up, sure; we will be thinking of you.

And I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get your striking image of a ring of eucharistic pine cones out of my head for a while, surrounding a perhaps reeling little figure with bared fangs who may be starting to smolder a little bit.

And how is it that you're already wearing shorts several lines of latitude to the north while we're still huddling around in laps of fetid wool and caribou skins?


So glad that the cause of Tavish's rollercoaster mime is not too serious and can be treated easily :)


I suck under pressure and often vomited when faced with an emotional/terrifying situation. I am glad they were able to diagnose his problem. Keep us updated on the ultrasound.

As for Declan....total phase. I was the same was a child. Twigs scared me...evil things.



I consider it my personal obligation as a Canadian to wear shorts as frequently as possible as soon as day-time forecast high temperatures hover around the freezing mark. Plus, it's actually been quite nice lately!


Scary about Tavish. Glad it was something minor (not to him, though, I'm sure).

Ben is scared of what we call "tiny tumbleweeds." They are about four inches across at their widest point and are, just like we named them, tumbleweeds. He won't step onto the back patio if one is on it (of course, right now our back patio is only about 5 square feet).

Too funny about your relative ambivalence when it comes to the big things, but irrational rage as relates to the little stuff. I do the same. The balance is cool, though. I act collected when Shannon reacts to something, when I might normally freak out a bit. She does the same for me. Ben even throws in a "What's da matter?" when one of us sighs or cries. Sorry for long comment. Been too long since you posted, so I was about to explode.


We've been trying to remember all the odd phobias that our boy went through, and can only recover odd pottery shards & fragments of the things that at one time could just stop us dead in gobstoppered slack-jawed amazement- "Where did THAT come from, d'you suppose?" The good news, I guess, is that now it is actually kind of hard to remember those behaviors ten or more years on and he's become such a level-headed competent guy.

I think that kind of balance of emotional response that you & Mark note must be pretty common in couples. Disaster on a grand scale will cause you to fly immediately into a great calm, but the commonplace can easily be too much to bear. We can be at our best on the Titanic, but man when the starter cord on the lawn mower snaps....

Simon, we've got people down here with the same sort of meteorologically-determined dress code. They're like ground hogs in shorts. Once we're past the spring equinox they're putting on shorts even if we still have three months of arctic Nor-easterly gales off Lake Superior to endure and they're not taking 'em off until November. Me, I like to keep my frock coat and vest on until July.

Hope Tavish (and you all) are doing better this afternoon.

I'm sorry for the long comment, too. You just seem to bring out my native prolixity. Imprecations was a good word.


David and I are sitting here on our respective laptops and gasping in alarm. Rigid purple infant! Not good! How is he now? How is Amy? More chapters more chapters!

The debris phobia, however, tickles me to no end. This, I have not heard of. The kid is cute even in his phobic moments.




Just checking in to see how Tavish is doing? Hope all is well.

Hazel Hazel

Glad Tav came out of the ordeal relatively unscathed. I have an eerie calm in the face of adversity---I can keep myself together until the incident is over and then fall to pieces. I guess that's better than some of the alternatives.
Declan will get over his fears soon enough. In short time you will wish he had some of the same hesitation about life's larger matters but he go full steam into the unknown and love every minute of it. And you will hate it.

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