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Wednesday, 19 April 2006



So cute! And I like how our evidently great minds thought alike in terms of post titles. Except my post a couple of weeks ago was about lambs and had extra wordplay thrown in for even more amusement ;-)
Seriously though, he's a sweetie.


Was that his first full bath? He looks absolutely stunned. Too cute!

Good thing Ben's thirsty!


What, were you feeding him lemons?


Simon - Do you have a kid named Ben? Well, regardless, this video makes me miss Ben, who is my son.


Mark, it is I who has a kid named Ben. Who is still breastfeeding. Which is a good thing, considering the lactation inducing video above.

Sorry I was too cryptic. :)


Oh help. That WAS unbearable. I have to go watch it again.


Tasha, he's actually pushed well past a dozen baths by this point; a real pro. Given his propensity for expectoration (like, 20 - 30 times per day), he starts to smell like bad cheese after a couple days without a bath. Especially that gunk that collects under his layers of chin.


And Simon, I only say this because you are such a darling wordsmith and have expanded my vocabulary exponentially... expectoration (saliva or lung contents) is not what's occurring here, at least I hope not. It's regurgitation (stomach contents).

the mother of a champion puker


Ovulation: Check
Lactation: Check

He is such a love. I have always enjoyed watching a baby on the floor waving arms/legs and making all sorts of excited noises. Fun for hours.

And why is sneezing always so funny to small children?


I am an ovulating mess! And that was the best yawn ever. I found myself yawning with him in support.


That pucker was priceless. Best. Yawn. Video. Ever.


That was so cute even I'm ovulating!


Damn cute, Mr Farmer, if I might express myself in so manly a fashion. Now I feel that I should go and express some milk.


Definitely the best yawn ever filmed. How can a Fraser not be cute?
Baba & Grampa


I would like to definitively state that I am neither lactating, ovulating, expectorating, nor regurgitating. Just so's you know.

Hazel Hazel

That is precious.


Good thing my kids and stepkids don't make such fetching flics of their progeny or I'd be joining the Elders and suckling the little bastards!


Cute baby face. Sexy daddy legs. Tina


It was, it did and I couldn't...

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