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Sunday, 23 April 2006



My kids (5 and 2) love Ceasar salad. At that age you couldn't get me near it.

He is such a sweetie. Your boys are gorgeous.


Baby steps, indeed.


Well done, Simon. Baby steps is the way. That sweet little boy's got a good dad. Reminds me of the time Max developed a fear of the shower head. I'll write about that some time.

In your future, if all goes well: fear that one's body will (at some unpredictable moment over which one has no control) be sucked down the drain with the bath water! Good times.


Very emotional post from the heart-swelling photo of the Bro' Buss, clear through to the
Saladilemma. I was right with you and felt the pain. Ah, the joys of parenthood... Hold on tight though, it's so very fleeting...


In this house we like to dip baby carrots in caesar dressing. Jake will eat my caesar salad, but give him a teaspoon of dressing with a stack of carrots to dip and he'll ignore pizza.

He's so my child.

I love the picture with the tears balanced on his cheek. So sad. So adorable.


I have no advice, since Ben's not there yet, but I do thank you for the warning!


Nice photo diary, and of course some swell text along with it. Glad to hear you have Wendy's up north, for those times when fast-food is unavoidable.


Almost forgot. Nice still shots from the new digicam. I was starting to wonder if we'd only see its videos.

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