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Friday, 07 April 2006



Thanks for the giggle.

When I was a kid Jehovah's Witnesses were always coming to our homes to well...not sure what they were there for because my Mom always told them to move along.

The neighgbor boy and I made a game of it. One would pretent to be a Jehovah's Witness, the other would think up an excuse as to why we couldn't chat.

Hours of fun I'm telling you!


Your cheek has been cradling your tongue quite a bit today, Wunder. Careful, it's gonna get stuck like that.
I think someone passed along a "divine" message that, as recently as last week, if I recall, that you 'n Amy was thinkin' o' doin' some wo'shippin'or somesuch??? Post it and they will come... *shivers*


I second Linda, up there, glad to see you're all back to normal...

Myself, I would have said "I'll let you talk at me for ten minutes if you show me your garments."

Jim (of Brazil)

Oh man, they *are* bent on taking over the world! I saw the ***exact same*** two guys you described (or clones of them!) walking down the street here in Rio just a few days ago!

That's pretty scary!


I've always been a little concerned about how similar many of these missionaries are to vampires.

They're both scared of God and can't come in unless invited.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a sudden urge to install a lightning rod.


Dissuade the devout? They won't get it. You used too big words. Besides, all such warnings apply to the kooks, don't you know. And everyone who reads that sign on your door will say, "Thank GOD, I'm not one of those kooks he's trying to avoid." You could try this one: when you bring with you credible evidence that Hell hath indeed frozen over, I will invite you in to tea and we can talk to your heart's content.

Have you ever seen Orgazmo?



I've seen part of the middle of Orgazmo at a friend's place once. It's on my mental list of movies to watch someday. To date, the most memorable bits are scenes with Ron Jeremy and the old broad about to, uh, DV/DA.


I enjoyed your observation and your attitude on this one. In college, I invited some LDS folk in and let them talk a bit. Later, I met a very cute redhead and went to an evening Bible study with her. They started reading scriptures from books I didn't seem to have in my Bible. I looked at the table of contents, thinking maybe they were some obscure Old Testament books I didn't know very well. Turns out they had a whole other Bible I didn't have -- the one that covers the time that Jesus came over to North America between his entombment and resurrection. It hit me then that she was a Mormon -- a different creature from LDS altogether, and to a boy raised as I was, it was very secty. She told me that she believed she would go to Heaven after death, and eventually she and another dead Mormon would be awarded a planet to populate.

I liked your Star Wars reference. Just for old time's sake -- Wookie.


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