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Saturday, 22 April 2006



Simon, that's good news about Tavish. Now we can all take another relaxed turn or two around the Titanic's boat deck.

Declan's temporary aversion to coniferous debris will surely pass, perhaps to be temporarily replaced by a loathing of deciduous cast-offs, but even that too shall pass.

Did you use a calculator?


I am soooo not going to answer that.


Marian can attest that even with a calculator I could have used the full five minutes and still come up with some thing astonishing; Timmy Ho wasn't seriously misunderestimating (thanks, Mr Bush) the math competence of some of us.


Timmy Ho. Do you think if I order a double double and say "Thank you Timmy Ho" they'll smile? That is my Todays favourite word..which is good. I can't get Trampampoline out of my head.

Glad Tavish is okay. UTIs suck.

And very sorry to hear Declan is so scared of pine cones...but really, look at them...scarey little things they are.


The Good is Great, the Bad is Temporary for sure and the Ugly? Very Sad... and a bit scary.


I am ecstatic to hear that Tavish's malady is of the temporary and easily dealt with nature. Could Declan's sudden pine cone aversion be an attention grabbing strategy due to a rival's arrival? I was going to comment on your previous entry to the effect that getting uptight about something over which one has no control doesn't add to the problem solving strategy, so why bother? The little guy was going to get the appropriate care in the most expeditious manner regardless of his father's relative calmness or tension.

Also, that calmness is nothing more than an outward projection. Your gut was wrenched no less than hers, I'll warrant.


Very good news about Tavish. I don't buy the attention-grabbing thing with Declan. Kids always go through phases of weird fears. They come and go. It could have been initiated by a dream, even. For whatever reason it sounds to me as though Declan believes that debris, because it moves with the wind, can move under its own power and malevolently, which perhaps it did in a dream, or maybe he saw something in a cartoon that made him think it's possible.

It'll just take a little time for him to understand that he's bigger and more powerful than a pinecone. Be patient with the poor little guy. On the day that you think you can't stand another minute of it, he'll get over it.

Just be glad it isn't his shadow that freaks him out because, believe me, THAT one is not pretty.

As for the math thing, I don't get it. Why did you have to do that in order to collect a grill? Under Canadian law? When you have a minute -- no hurry.


Paul, shut up or you'll blow my cover.


"The steadiness of the wise man is only the art of keeping his agitations locked within his breast"?



Yes, Canadian law states that one may not ever receive something for nothing. So all contests have attached to them a "skill testing question." So, you see, Simon did not win a BBQ simply by rolling up the rim of his coffee cup. That only qualified him to win. He actually was declared the winner when he answered (in record time, no less) the "skill testing question." I'm just glad they didn't ask him what his favourite colour was.


For a free BBQ? I would hope you used a calculator. Especially when overtaxed by a new infant in the house and a toddler suffering pineconophobia, the human brain cannot be trusted with mathematical ruminations.

I may have my new comment validation question. Thanks.

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