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Monday, 03 April 2006



I just drag in from a Sunday night of the Dreaded Night Shift. It's a gloomy, dark, rainy Monday morning. And what awaits me here? The Eternal Sunshine of the Fraser Kind. Thanks for brightenin' up me mornin'!


"But there aren't nearly as many pictures of me as there are of Declan."

Maybe it won't happen to you, but most multi-kid parents I know say the number of photos quickly nosedives. Maybe yours won't, especially with the new camera. I know we've already grown lax in our posts to our online photo albums, and that's just with the one kid.


I don't know how it feels to you, but I couldn't believe a month has passed already. However, having backtracked through your blog and faced with the above photographic evidence, I may have to admit that you do know when your child was born.


Finally! We are most appreciative.


that it's already a month is unbelievable. i love his little white-gold widow's peak. all of your children and dogs are insanely adorable.


Thanks for sharing pictures of that sweet little guy. And now that you have two.... let me ask you something: Does two feel like twice the work, or ten times it? lol I think I know the answer already. Been there, done that. =) Tina


Oh oh oh, you have the cutest household!

I really feel sometimes like you guys are just down the street. It's oddly comforting.

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