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Tuesday, 18 April 2006



I'm putting this in Favorites for a rainy day or when I need a literary lift...
Easter... resurrect. Good one.

(Does your toolbar say "Favourites"?)


Actually, since I use FIREFOX, as any good surfer should, my toolbar says "Bookmarks".

Though when I absolutely HAVE to use Internet Exploder, it still says "Favorites". No U.


Nice guide. I'll bookmark this and put it in my favourites, but not my favorites.


OK, I took the "Simon Firefox Challenge" and I have to say, I don't know if I'll ever go back...and not just because it sounds like "Firefly."

You've changed my life yet again.



I found a great deal of similarity between the cast of "Who's supporting his groin?" and Declan in his fine plastic bucket hat. Somehow.

Bookmarking this for a rainy day!


I'm surprised Typepad does not allow you to make your own categories and still take advantage of the blog engine. Maybe it's time we got you over on the WordPress team. Alvis and I easily got it running for ourselves. The installation is simple, and all you have to have is a host for your site (that allows php and mySQL). wordpress.org


Ah, but I CAN make as many of my own categories as I want. The thing is, I want to see ALL my posts sorted the way I have them here. I can be very anal retentive sometimes. But not quite in a (Bum + Coal = Diamond) sort of way.


Bum + Coal = Neil Diamond.

That makes no sense, but I had to type it.

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