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Sunday, 09 April 2006



I'm trying to not to laugh loud enough to wake my sleeping toddler. Your wife's boobins are not for public consumption? Where's the love, you bastage?


Geez, they're just BOOBS! My husband feels the same way though. He did not enjoy the whole breastfeeding thing. He was constantly saying, "So-and-so is here. Cover yourself up." Like no one has ever seen a boob before. If I had been a B or C cup I may have been able to accomplish said breastfeeding while covered. But I discovered that if you are breastfeeding with a G cup that you can't look away or you may suffocate the infant. There was no covering. If someone didn't like it, they were welcome to leave my house.

Ah, the memories.


Love the banner. But after Kristen, there's not, um, much I can, (gulp) say.

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