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Monday, 24 April 2006



Most excellently done.


Dirty dishes and laundry usually make me want to be violent!!!!!

Very funny Simon!
Cute pic on your home page..
Looks like your toddler is trying to pick you newborns nose, or maybe feed him a pacifier?
Have a great day hickory hand!

Edmonton Jenn

You know...some people are so geeky that they manage to achieve a higher level of Cool. I really think that You've managed to do that. Congratulations!

Oh, and as for Declans debris problem...he may be afraid of it, but Mary is enraged by it. Pinecones make her shriek with fury. Kids are so strange.


Mixing math with something I like... I guess sometimes the end can justify the means. Sometimes.

Jim (of Brazil)

Have a gift
Real life poetry
Where on earth do you find the time?
With an infant and a toddler, don't you have to work?


Loved that comment, Jim. It's not that I don't have to work; more like I have chosen to eschew sleep.


Hate to rain on your Fibonacci parade, but...
"1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13"
"Poo" 1 syllable

"Spews" 1 syllable

"All over" 3 syllables

"The entire" 3 syllables

Third line should have had 2 syllables. So, I guess it's a FiboNOTci poem.


I would have just lost the "All." I tried a couple. They're here: (not cowboy poetry).

Gregory K.

Let me quickly point out that my two boys and I were NEVER part of something like you describe. Noooooooo. Neat, clean diapers and, of course, potty trained by 1. Seriously. Yup. No fibbing on my part... but nice Fibbing on yours. Fib on!


to write
a fibonacci
challenges you to think before
putting pen to paper. That is why I love the style.

© Jim T. Henriksen
September 6th, 2006


Phi (Fibonacci)

is a
to all too many,
never understanding it all,
maybe Fibonacci poetry is the key, as
it shows the reader how the lines are phi (1.618) times longer than the last.

© Jim T. Henriksen
September 6th, 2006


Hi, I believe that the fibonacci poetry is really a very natural form of rithmics so it sounds great and flows easily while reading.
Anyway, why don you try to put some rhymes in the poem, that would be really neat. Like, making all the last fibonacci sylabes in the line be tonic (or strong, i don't know how you call it in english) and with consonant rhyme.

By the way, from my point of view, the first line only shoulb be of one sylabe, the second, inmediately of 2, that sounds more natural, and in the series, the first two ones are arbitrary but not obtained as the rest of the numbers.

Who am I?
I want to lay low.
So I guess I'll just say goodbye.


can you meke a poetry fibonacci for me please it's for tomorow !

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