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Wednesday, 26 April 2006



Now that's a classic moment. That boy can really shake'em down. I don't know what that phrase means, but its origin is a song proclaiming how well the singer can dance, so it must be an affirmation of proficiency.

The burning question is, what did the boy say that you had to mute? Something unintentionally vulgar? Something copyrighted? I know I'm not the only one who noticed.

Muhc better lighting, by the way.


Not to be mistaken for "much" better lighting, which is superior to "muhc."


Oh no, nothing vulgar or copyrighted. He just turned away at the end and uttered, "Dah, dah!" Which, currently, is his way of saying, "All done."


oooh Go you and your fancy editing! Adorable as always and I will be popping to that song all day in my head now...which is much better than the Cauliflower song via Doodle Bops that is usually playing.


You may have the cutest boy on the internet at present. I knew he was saying 'all done.' Seriously though, as a blogging weapon, this is just all so unfair. How does one compete with something like that?


Oh, I heard him say 'all done' at the end clear as a bell! Once you've learned toddler-speak, you are always fluent.


That made my day.

I love it in the beginning when he turns around, goes to see what the dog is doing, sees that nothing is going on with the dog, and turns back around to dance. Priceless!

Our version of dancing in this house is spinning in circles until we fall over. Good times.

Edmonton Jenn

Gah! That was one of the cutest things that I've ever seen, next, of course to my own dancing baby. We should put Mary and Declan into ballroom together! They'd become professionals, win big, and someone would make a movie about them!
I can see it now.

Uncle Buster

Well Sigh, considering that your first born obviously got his looks from his mother, it must be a reassuring feeling to know that at least your rythm rubbed off on the little squirt. Still to be determined if this is a good thing or not, time will tell. Lets just hope that he gets your vocabulary and not his uncles.


I hear Arthur Murray Dance Studios are looking for new instructors, Declan...


Thanks Sigh. The lighting is muhc better and Dex puts on a great show. I notice that the Jack Russel is not nearly as docile as he was in the first video. It really looks like Jango and Dex are best buddies.


I love the sounds he makes while he's boogying. That is too cute. And I heard him say all done at the end...just before that though he mouths several words...what is that about?
He is the sweetest thing since splenda.

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