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Wednesday, 12 April 2006



Will probly at some point end up becoming one of your more binding and gratifying pet relationships of your life. Some people are like that too; maybe someday I will actually be able to tolerate You. ;-)
Enjoy your short work week. I managed to fanagle one of those too. :-)

Jim (of Brazil)

Simon, I can really relate to your relationship with the boxer. Well ... maybe not ... I certainly wouldn't describe my sentiments for my yellow lab as anything approaching "affection" yet. Still, sometimes after managing to avoid throttling him, I find myself reluctantly muttering something like "ya big lug!" under my breath, apparently to temper my heated reaction. Yeah, I know ... he's just a dog. And that was my garden hose!!!


Shadow, of course, is the model of doggish perfection. I swear.


My husband would LOVE a Boxer. Not sure how I feel about that whole "peeing on the floor" thing.


There's the good chance that Tavish will turn out a lefty,as many of us seconds prove to be. But if not Tavish, then maybe the boxer.....


I knew Rick would beat me to a comment about being a lefty.


If my son does somehow end up left-handed, I will continue to pretend to love him.


Yeah, so Ben peed on the couch (the angle of his dangle was, shall we say, askew, and shot the pee right out the side of his diaper), and we can't get the smell out. Anybody have suggestions?

I have visions of that Seinfeld episode, wherein "Poppy peed on the sofa."

Sorry, Simon, but it's all about me. Ha!

Seriously, though, sorry you're starting to love that Boxer. It will die before you do, and that's just not fair for a parent.

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