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Wednesday, 12 April 2006



Registered members only? Is that a response to my recent post? Having trouble with spam? Glitch in the system?

Yeah, the end of that clip is a good illustration of "plum tuckered out."


Turned it up to 11. Oh the sweetness of little boys dancing.


That's a great video! Just think... if you joined in, you'd be in great shape. Not saying you're not, of course. For all I know, you run five miles a day.


Awesome. That's what Madeline did, too. In fact, she spent the entire 1.5 hours hopping and jumping around, running back and forth, climbing on things, getting naked because "the lion is naked", reciting lines, etc. etc. In short: an hour and a half of hyperactivity focused on and as a result of this film.

Unfortunately, Madeline seems to have a bottomless resevoir of "steam" and doesn't seem to run out at the end of the film like Dex appears to. If she's watched that film it could take some time for us to settle her down. We found it simultaneously hilarious and troubling, so we've not yet purchased the film (we rented it and she watched it 3 times in a 24 hour period).

Hazel Hazel

That is sweet. He made ME tired watching him. I love how he doesn't really slow down. He goes from 60 to 10 in a few seconds.


He's sweet beyond the capacity of a planet-sized vocabulary groping to convey sweetness.

And in twenty years you'll probably be able to play that song and still evoke some sort of Skinnerian dance response in Declan.


And what does he do with the end of "Shrek"?

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