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Wednesday, 05 April 2006



Cool to hear his voice finally. Oh, and yours. Neither shocked me, for whatever that's worth.

Isn't it fun to hear and see them learn about the world around them?

It's been since July that I've done anything with video of Ben. Oh, I've shot plenty. Just haven't actually shared it with anybody, partly because mine is a miniDV that I have to transfer to computer real-time. Gonna have to remedy that.


Ah, brilliant. He's even cuter when you can hear him! Love the way he carefully positions the O. It's also somewhat reassuring to see that you still have snow on the ground.

Might I ask what kind of camera you got?



I picked up the fairly new Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W50.

6.0 megapixel photo size versus 2.0 MP that my old Nikon was capable of taking. The one in the above link is silver, but mine's a much cooler black.

I think I'm in love.

Hazel Hazel

I miss having little ones around...he is precious.


Adorable!!! Love hearing his little man voice.


For some reason your voice sounded exactly like I expected it to sound.

I love your boy. I wish Jake (21 months) would talk. The speech therapist says that it has something to do with him not using his tongue to speak so our only words are joos (anything edible/can also mean shoes but with different inflection), kiy (keys/kitty/Petey our dog), no, whoa, owie, and starting LAST WEEK mama and dada. *sigh* Hopefully speech therapy will help.

And that white stuff on the ground? Snow you call it? We don't have such a thing in the San Francisco Bay Area...well, we did this year, but no where near my house. Only the rain, which looks like it is planning on being here forever.

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