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Saturday, 11 March 2006



Wow. I didn't think anyone ever actually won the big prizes (my eagerness at Roll Up the Rim time notwithstanding). I figured they just took some pictures of happy families (a la the now-retired Canadian Tire guy) alongside the various prizes "available". You've single-handedly restored my faith in the system.

Edmonton Jenn

I'm jealous. I buy a bloody coffee from Timmies every single day during roll up the rim, and the biggest prize I've ever won is a muffin.

Are you certain your wife and I weren't the same person in a past life? Cause she sounds awfully familiar...

Jim (of Brazil)

It was the least your brother could do ... after you naming your son after him and all!

I guess that means your string of bad luck is over: did you ever figure out what the third "bad thing" was?


All that confluence of events, and I don't even warrant a mention? If you hadn't been talking to me on the phone WHEN YOU WON, do you really think you would have?? Well, I'll just have to sprinkle my fairy dust elsewhere for now on.


Now I'm craving an ice cap!
Very cool that you won, and congratulations on your little one.
I'm impressed that you're wife is so motivated so early....go girl!


See? I told you the water heater was the third bad thing and you were free to go.


Congrats on the grill.

No fair that you keep getting such interesting things to put in your blog. Why can't my wife squirt a baby onto our queen-size bed? Dang. I call shenanigans.


SWEET!!! I was just telling HUBBY the other day who bad we need a new BBQ this summer. I am so drinking a Double Double a day for the next week!

Or I could just go and buy a new one huh?

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