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Friday, 17 March 2006



Very nice photographic retrospective. Methinks the boys shall never be starved for love.

I can't quite get my photo plugin working right. It works fine on my other blog, but not my main one. Humph.


Such a lovely array of photos. Enjoy your last couple of days at home! And btw, Hippos Go Berserk WAS a gift for Declan.

Jim (of Brazil)

I respect what you're going through and sympathize with your fears ... as I remember it, it somehow wasn't nearly as stressful being at home all day with the wife and kids (when they were tiny), as it was arriving home after work and seeing the state of my wife who had been home all day by herself with them! (did that make any sense?)

Ahhh, those were the good'ol days! (Thank God we'll not be having any more of those!)


Wonderful pictures, Simon. I especially like the wee tender moment with Dad and Tav and the one of Dex and Gunka. Too bad your time off went so quick. That was so nice to go see the paramedic...


"Lactically challenged"? You crack me up!


Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks like you are busy.... and enjoying every minute of it. Good for you, Simon. Tina

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