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Tuesday, 07 March 2006



Glad I was up late and checked your blog. I still haven't recovered from the "containment dyke" strikeout. Whew. Too much for this late when I'm an open-doored room away from my sleeping toddler.

What a great story, and from a great storyteller. You will need to pull out this one, as well as the two previous for Tavish's graduation, wedding, or some similar gathering.

We just gave a queen-size bed away to some friends nearby. Probably wouldn't have shipped it to Canada, anyway. Sorry, Simon.


OMG Simon, how you torture us with your renditions! There you are in all of your misery and we are trying not to laugh hysterically. I'm certainly not belittling your talents as an engineer, (never!) but I think you've missed your calling by a wee bit. At least the beesphere can appreciate your amazing talents and we are grateful. I'd say your three are up and you're home free by now...


Birkenstock clad water retention system? I did not just say that.


She's totally right, the third thing was the water heater. You're free and clear, my friend. Here's your voucher, you may go.


Rusty bath water..know that ohh to well.

Love your name choice by the way!!!

the Mater

The homebirth, the mattress and Ralph Lauren towels, the burned out brakes on the ambulance, the hot-water heater ... Simon, you couldn't even make this up if you tried.

All in all, a beautiful baby boy makes quite an entrance!

You write so well, it's a pleasure to wander over here and read your blog. Good luck with the installation of the tank ... I'm sure we'll get a full report soon!


Thank you so much for inserting a line from Spaceballs. I needed that.

Our water heater is located in the twins bedroom (converted garage that was grandfathered in...sigh). We walked in one day and discovered that the BRAND NEW carpet was soaked! I found myself with my mom's carpet cleaner trying to suck up all the water from the carpet. It's very obvious where the puddle was, the carpet is a darker shade of tan!

Poor poor mattress! I was a little bit anal while I was pregnant with Nick that my water would break in my brand new bed (I purchased it when I was 6 months pregnant). All I can say is, waterproof mattress covers. I discovered they were also great for the early days when my children's diapers would leak in the middle of the night onto our sheets. My mattress looks brand new...can't say as much for my sheets.

The baby is gorgeous and you have a great story to embarrass him with at some future date.


You are too funny. I hope if there is a number three you'll blog it.

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