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Thursday, 02 March 2006



Yeah, and so if it doesn't work out, I've already tole you I'll take Declan in a second! Dibs!
Seriously though, Si, you're going to make an excellent new Daddy and are already one to Dex, I can tell. You got that "Love" thing mastered. I can tell that too. Amy's right aboot the re-laundering thing, just play along. I feel bad aboot the hangers though...
Love this close-up of the Big Bro' To-Be.


Sounds like nesting has begun. Should be any time now. Just think, you get to fix with the second anything you got wrong the first time! How great will that be!


Everything will be fine. Declan's totally adorable and all will be well.

My own nesting period found me outside the house washing the front steps. Boy howdy, do I wish I had some of that cleaning hormone nowadays!


Ha! Great pic and your words echo some of my own concerns about having a second kidderoo. We're leaning that way (and after two years of trying to conceive Ben, we've had to lean all sorts of ways).

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