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Thursday, 23 March 2006



TV has a journal?


Ah, found it.

Jim (of Brazil)

The most disturbing thing about IM to me is that you never have a chance to say "goodbye". I mean, you **can** say goodbye, but you know the person will still be there, and they know you are still there. So usually, you just stop chatting, and hope the other person does too. Saying goodbye on IM is kind of like saying, "Ok.. I need to get back to work now, so please would you shut up!"


Jim, I think you hit on the most awkward point in regards to IM. Kind of like having a phone conversation and walking away from the receiver instead of hanging up. I prefer e-mail.


Back when I stayed signed into an IM client all the time, I would cringe when certain folks signed in, knowing full well that my personal computer time was just about to be interrupted. We have been out of the IM game for a couple years now. E-mail rules over IM with an iron fist.

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