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Wednesday, 15 March 2006



Ah, yes, being nice can get you free stuff. I wrote a letter about a restaurant experience we had -- just things like how great the atmosphere was, the server's efficiency, etc., and I got a $20 (US) gift certificate. Had no intention of getting anything for myself. I used to be a waiter, and knew how great it felt when someone recognized great service with something besides a nice tip (which didn't happen to me often, because I was terrible).


I have yet to find anything written down that you must share chocolate with those you love.

Case in point: My sister had a Russell Stover's Coconut Creme Egg (that I bought for her while I was getting milk at the store) at my house on Tuesday that she FORGOT to take home with her. (She's pregnant...how did she forget the chocolate I ask you?) I was looking for something sweet last night and Jason (the loving man that he is) pulled it from the fridge for me to eat. The first thing he did when I opened it was say, "I love you." That is code in this house for, "I want something (chocolate, dishes done, back rub, foot rub, etc.)." My response was: "I love you too, but if you think for one second that you are getting a bite of this, you are out of your mind."

Chocolate is my drug of choice!


It's the chocolate covered doughnuts with the bavarian cream in the middle that will make me smack my own Grandmothers hand if she tried to take it from me.

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