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Friday, 31 March 2006



Lucidity and grandiloquence indeed. You're like a younger version of my Rick, who writes like he was born in the wrong century. Like.

Very good deductive reasoning on the beneficent dispersal of illumination thingy, by the way. Dude!

Edmonton Jenn

Yes. I agree with Marian.

Also, thanks for the warning. Having been raised in Saskatchewan where we have no need to save the daylight, I am constantly confused, upset and betrayed when the clocks need changing. Thank goodness it's only twice a year.


Saskatchewanite here. I would be LOST if I had to change my clocks. It's just wrong...like titty bars (which the provice does not allow)...though my husband begs to differ. *wink*


Terri, I can only assume from your comment, and from your own site, that a 'titty bar' is some sort of motorcycle... thingie.


Franklin remains an apt illustration that discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

But on the other hand (and just to give popular wisdom it's due), as Mark Twain noted, Science is wonderful because it gives us such wholesale returns of conjecture for such small investments of fact.

Just some things to ponder during that grumpy one-hour temporal dislocation on Sunday morning when the kids hew to their own schedule with the inflexible accuracy of a nuclear clock.

But I digress....




Nice observation. Sorry I'm not in a chipper mood right now. I read a large chunk of Franklin's biography, mostly on my Handspring Visor during long trips to the crapper on a job that was horribly boring and ended when all the business dried up -- which, consequently, was also when I got off said crapper. Sorry this comment was all about me. Like I said, feeling down right now.

Jim (of Brazil)

This article was hilarious ... Ben Franklin was a master of subtle sarcasm. And yet, as always, his message is entirely apropos for our time. Good post, Simon.

Early to bed, early to rise ...


You have not seen a lot of Larry the Cable Guy huh? Yes..I enjoy Redneck humour...must be the Saskatchewan in me. Titty Bar=strip club

Enjoyed the Ben article.

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