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Friday, 03 March 2006



Wow. The baby's on the way!

What a tough lady you have there. Drove herself there, huh? And how is she getting home (if she comes home before the birth). I bet she won't come home until she has a new baby breathing the rich Canadian air. I guess it's rich.

Alec Lynch

This is exciting. We should have all chipped in on buying you a laptop with wireless Internet so that we could get continuous updates right until the end...on second thought, maybe it's better this way.


Pat and I are excited for you, and there will be large amounts of thinking about you guys going on in the Little household over the next several hours/days(God forbid). Go get 'em, Dex2!


Awesome. Go Amy, you can do it!!! Hope all goes well. Can't wait for the updates!!! (Unless this is just your sneaky way to get lots of hits on your blog today!!) :)


Random nurse#6...is she the one in the red uniform that won't make it through the episode alive? You go, man. Cab like the wind! Can't wait to hear the good news. (What are tenterhooks, anyway?)


PS. When you Google "Sturgeon County Hospital" there are only 5 hits and two of them are yours.

And I'm very, very excited right now. You're page will stay open until I know the results of the labour. So all those hits are from me. Dixie. Someone who enjoys hearing about childbirth far too much.

Come on baby!


Okay, only one more comment. I just saw your 2:15 comment. Take it from someone who got sent home at 6:15 in the evening and was only 2cm, and then went back and had a baby an hour and a half later. If she starts having really regular contractions, even if they aren't super bad, go back to the hospital. Second babies can come out fast. And I don't want to see you guys on the news for giving birth in the car!!!


Ooh, second babies usually do come fast! What exciting news! I am sprinkling Easy Birth Fairy Dust through the Internet and onto Amy's head! I can't believe the timing -- nearly no one gives birth on their due date, and you are right on track. Tell her to hold out for a few hours to beat the stats.

Whoopee! You're going to be a papa all over again!


Holding my breath, saying prayers and checking on here often... :-))))))))))))))


Oh my goodness!!! Wow! Congratulations and I hope everything will all be okay. Wow. My heart is beating pretty fast right now. I tell ya, those second babies...


YIPPEE!!! We're SO Happy for you all! Very Sincere Congratulations and Love!


Yay! A baby!

That was quick! I had to laugh at her comment. I mean, geez, you couldn't get some old towels? You had to get the Ralph Lauren?

Congrats to you and yours!


Though even upon cool reflection would you have wanted to use anything less than the Ralph Lauren to welcome in the wee one, really? Congratulations!


Congratulations Amy and Simon on the birth of your new son. I assume we will be told the name tomorrow?


Oh, what a story - who expected a home birth?? Did you deliver your newest son? I am so happy for you, Amy and Declan and he who shall be named!


Sounds like you had an exciting evening! Congratulations to all the Frasers, especially Amy! I hope we see a more detailed account of what sounded like a harried experience.

P.S. I'm glad I sent the right colors. :)



Jeff A




Way to go Amy! And, uh, yeah, you too, Si. ;)

So happy for ya'll - and that everything went well. Warmest Congratulations.


Congrats! Wow, so you delivered the baby? Or did someone from the ambulance do it? I'm so confused, because here in the U.S. most doctors would never even send a woman home that far along in labor. Unless your plan was for a home childbirth.

This is all so wild. Just, wild. Makes me think if we go for a second one, maybe I need to do a lot more to prepare.

Hazel Hazel

Holy cannoli! Congratultions! Can't wait to hear the whole story!


Many congratulations! (Reading the end of the post all I could envision was Austin Powers collapsing as he wipes his brow, declaring, "And...I'm spent."

Edmonton Jenn

Yay! Congratulations!

You are a braver man than my husband...I'm sure he would have collapsed into a puddle of goo if I had a baby on the bed. He had a hard enough time at the hospital.


Congratulations Amy. Sounds like the end came quickly. Remind me not to get you into the back of my ambulance, though.

Simon, what were you thinking using the Ralph Lauren towels? You know those are only for guest births!

Proud Papa, my better half wants details, boy. Birth weight, length, fingers, toes and nose. And name, of course.



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