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Wednesday, 22 March 2006



You don't even have to hear it to be able to imagine the beauty of his laugh.

Love your blog. And, congrats on the new baby and tell your wife she's my hero. At home? No drugs? Wow.


Yes! A new camera with sound! Grand idea. I can just imagine that little belly laugh.


Ya, I'm with the others. I was laughing at his cuteness and could imagine his laugh without hearing it. What a cutey!


So you've managed both a pithy video snip AND a pithy commentary, despite those sandbagging demurrals of your previous entry. Cheeky monkey.

Declan just makes you laugh out loud with him.


Years from now Declan is probably going to be getting married; I suspect he'll have one of the best ever video montages shown of him at the reception (poor, lucky guy).


I'm amazed that you got that many seconds of video without showing his whopperjoggy. Or, whipperjiggy at that age.

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