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Wednesday, 15 March 2006



Good thing Hubster is snipped or we'd be having another. With my baby turning 5 today and seeing sweet little Tav there...serious baby lust going on. I think I can feel my ovaries aching.


Of course, the baby is cute, but Jango threatens to upstage him with those laps. Sorry, but for those of us who do not live with such a hyperkinetic dog, it's tough not to laugh.


BTW, I love these little videos...

Is it just the angle from the video or does little Tavish have some big feet? Very cute. Luke has pretty big feet given that both his mother and father wear size 7s of their respective genders. Madeline, on the other hand, wore my 3 year old nephew's rubber boots backwards and COMFORTABLY walked around the house like that for a while. SHe's got some little feet that one.


Oh wow, thanks for that! He's something else. Look at those big feet! Mighty paws to grow into for sure. I love that the dog's doing laps in most of your videos.

Hazel Hazel

Adorable little guy. Love watching babies yawn. The dog cracks me up.


How in the world do you keep the mitties on? I tried everything short of duct tape! I even used medical tape and both of them found a way to get the mitties off. My big question was always, "How is a 2-day-old getting his mitties off when I have taped them on?" I guess I will never know.

I love new babies. They always look like little old men (even the girls!). Nick came out with black hair and a black mustache. At 3 months a redhead, by 6 months bald, and by 9 months platinum blonde. He's more of a dirty blonde now though...

That crazy dog. I think the video camera emits some sort of noise that we can't hear that tells him to run in circles.

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