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Wednesday, 29 March 2006



Tav REALLY looks like you, Simon. Handsome little devil!


Just remember, he probably gets more out of those sessions than you do, despite having to stare at your ruffian mug the whole time.


I am reduced to mush.


Oh my goodness, the baby yawn! Sends oxytocin spurting from the brain and around the body. My entire body is weeping and begging for another child RIGHT THIS SECOND.

And my brain is screaming, "Shut up you! Don't you think 4 small boys in this house is enough? Do you really want a 5th? Thank god I convinced the doctor to do the tubal ligation. If I hadn't you'd have her convinced to try AGAIN!"

There's gonna be a battle, and it ain't gonna be pretty...



Edmonton Jenn

He's absolutely beautiful. I already want another one, and these pictures are not helping much...now, if I could only find Ian work here in Canada, we could get started on things....

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