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Wednesday, 01 March 2006



Dammit, I still can't get your clips to play and I'm missing out. Dammit, too, I wanted to watch the ceremonies and confounded forgot. Please tell me who the Black soldier was who they paid tribute to. I saw a promo for it and they didn't say his name.
Amy holding up? You holding up?

Jim (of Brazil)

I didn't take much notice of the winter olympics this year. Actually, it's kind of hard to get into winter olympics down here: you don't see much about it at all in Brazil. (I guess the brazilian 4 man bobsledders made a pretty good run ... until they crashed. Bobsledding in Brazil??? that's kind of like beach volleyball in Greenland!)

BTW, you had better check your medicine cabinet: that dog looks like he is on something!

Alec Lynch

I think you want to ammend your last sentence Jim to "it looks like he should be on something."

What I want to know is, why always counter-clockwise?


That dog cracks me up. I had a hard time watching what Declan was doing.

Jim, those bobsledders cracked me up, too.

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