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Monday, 27 February 2006



If I hold my breath, do ya think the babe will come quicker? I would do anything to help! Don't expect this child to be ANYTHING like Declan, it just ain't gonna happen. If anything, you will probably appreciate Declan more for the angel he is. In my case AND JuJu's, the second is the corker...
I'm sayin' prayers for youse guys.
Hang tight.
Love the new Banner pic :-)


Give that boy a doggie treat. He'll never want one again.

Wow, coming down to the home stretch. Bad choice of words.

Migraine or a... classic moment in dad misunderstanding.


I hope it happens soon for you guys! And don't worry about the size. Luke was a full pound heavier than Madeline (and she was 8lb12 with a 15.5 inch head circumference!!) and it only took 2 pushes to get Luke out. Second births are usually much faster and easier. I hope it is for you guys too.

Maybe you should warn Amy that the contractions AFTER the birth (you know, to get her uterus down from its 42cm size!) are much more painful with the second child (and more with each subsequent child). Nobody ever told me that, and I was surprised. Just tell her to take lots of Tylenol, especially before she nurses the baby.

Man, I can't wait to find out what it is and how the birth went down. We'll be thinking about you guys (and only slightly jealous).


Simon .... I hope you're all caught up on your sleep, my friend !
Can't wait to hear about the newest family member. Monday? I'm betting on Saturday, but that's just me. Tina

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