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Friday, 17 February 2006



I can't believe you wrote that last sentence right above the invitation to post a comment.


To your last two sentences: Amen, brother.


hoojackapiffy? i am so going to teach my son to call his a hoojackapiffy. because THAT'S funny.


Hoojackapiffy is my new favorite term for the Tom Johnson. In our building, the sales guys are the worst about doing this. They just can't NOT talk. And, no, I'm not cleaning up that sentence. Question: Ever notice how some guys put one hand on the flusher and rest it there to whole time they're peeing? Weird. I touch things in a public restroom as little as possible.


Oh, it does the heart good to see hoojackapiffy in use again.

Note the very intentional usage of italics. Very necessary or your pregnant wife would clobber me over the head.

Loved this. I wish we could have you all over for a potluck.

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