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Tuesday, 14 February 2006



I hope everything goes really well for you guys with the birth and the first couple of weeks (months!!) adjustment. If you have any questions about coping with 2 kids schedules, etc. just email. Looking forward to finding out who's in there!!!


LOL. Glad you weren't wearing a hat... Or, God forbid, a cape.
I'm getting so excited for this baby. You know he/she will be a Pisces, like me. Uh oh. Ah, that's cool. A little neurosis never hurt anybody ;-)
Prayers for Amy for a quick one. Delivery, that is.


Glad you made it through the presentation, and that the wife is apparently going to make it through the pregnancy.

Best line: "surveying her domestic demesne like a staid silver-back gorilla does his corner of the jungle"

Your mind might be going, but you still got it.

(I finally posted at about 8 a.m. CT this morning. Valentine's Day festivities had my otherwise pre-occupied last night)


You keep an eye on that boy...I have a story.

When my brother was about 7, he would come home from school and complain about horrible headaches. My Mum was getting very concerned and booked an appointment with the doctor. Then one day she was taking the bus somewhere, just as my brother was walking home from school. Now, keep in mind, this was Regina, Saskatchewan in December. My brother had got it into his mind that he could tunnel through the snow. All my mother saw was her son, with his toque pulled down over his face, on his hands and knees plowing head first through the deep snow.

Sounds like Declan is well on his way to being an expert snow tunneler too...

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