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Friday, 24 February 2006



I get jittery every time I see a new post up by you... hoping it will be the one saying "we're going to the hospital!"


Pat and I are thinking of you and Amy. Can't wait for the news to break.

Also, Go Gushue!


I'm getting so excited for you and Amy and Dex, who by the way sounds like a delightful and intriguing child. I get incredibly sad when I think of an only child becoming an older sibling. It seems they lose their spotlight somewhat. But that is just a fact of life. Does he like grilled cheese sandwiches or waffles/pancakes? I know it's hard sometimes to find appealing foods for toddlers. Ones that are healthy anyway.
I'm not figuring out what "inner and outer" fingers are. I fervently would like to...
Are we going to be able to expect a quick announcement here when the Big Event occurs or do I have to give you my home phone #?


Ooh, I keep checking back all the time too. Never even met you, and I'm thrilled for you guys and want to bring a casserole over when the baby comes.

Keep us posted! As if you need reminding.


Another kiddo is on de way, mon.

I can't remember, how old is Declan? I know he's not as old as Ben, but just couldn't recall.

That pen sounds great. I'm a little weird about pens, too. Can't just settle for what the office has in the supply cabinet. See cultpens.com for a site you'll likely... um... like.

Also, this blog post:

Hang in there, Simon. Now, if you could just get rid of those dogs. Ha!


Hey, Simon ... As a fellow 'lefty' I was thrilled to discover the same pen. Finally I can write without smearing everything all over the page. It's a miracle, I tellz ya ! I can also tellz ya that it's a pretty pathetic statement about my life, when I use words like 'thrilling' to describe finding a pen. Oh, well. I gotta take my thrills where I can find them these days ... Tina

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