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Monday, 06 February 2006



Very nice, and it read just like a monologue in an everyday conversation. It also made me wish I had a room where I could put up things like movie posters and other memorabilia.


After driving around with two kids in a station wagon, I'd go for a minivan in a second.

Incidentally, there was once a Kids in the Hall sketch in which a bunch of snobby academic types discussed a letter in which a person referred to "my god, Spot" (you know, the mix-up spelling of "dog"). It was quite a funny sketch, as I recall.


Simon, you write like a freakin' dog. Ooh,
I mean "god."
Promise me you'll never, ever stop.
You gave me a good idea for a post. Nobody would ever believe all the shit I have on the walls in my studio... Mind if I swipe your idea?

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