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Thursday, 09 February 2006



Oh, man, there's nothing quite like a good cardigan. I'm sorry you were scarred. But then I'm a 50 year old man in a 28 year old's body.

Incidentally, my intimacy with beer has increased significantly. In fact, 10 years ago I was chaste with the booze. While I'm not exactly a beer jigalow right now, I certainly know my way around a bottle.


I'm with you on the Cheetos, so I just don't ever keep them in the house, or I only buy a vending machine-sized bag.

Many other similiarities, too, but detailing them might make me seem like a stalker.

Americans as a whole obviously are far behind the rest of the world regarding cheeses. Wallace and Gromit go over my head when they start talking about cheese. I love sharp cheddar (is that so wrong?) and find it hard to stop cutting off more to eat. Other than that, I eat only a few others -- mozarella, ricotta, and provolone. Never tried brie, and never heard of camembert. Perhaps I'm missing something.


Two chicks at once?

I think I'm going to go ahead and have to ask you to come in on Saturday. Ummm, yeah...


I never tire of learning what the Simian is made of...
I would have to include Banana Nut Bread under Favorite Snacks and Hiccups under Like Doing ;-)

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