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Thursday, 02 February 2006



You haven't, by chance, seen Bill Cosby's routine "Himself", have you?

In it he shares that for the first few years of his life, because of their father, his brother thought his name was 'Dammit' and he himself thought that his own name was 'Jesus Christ'. He then goes on to tell an anecdote about how his father saw him playing out in a puddle in the rain and opened the door to yell "Dammit! Come in out of the rain! You'll catch your death of cold!".

To which Young Bill replied: "But Daaad, I'm Jesus Christ!"

Yes, I own the DVD. Yes, I always make sure to use the lavatory before I watch it.


smarty, Cosby's "Himself" is indeed hilarious.

Simon, I know EXACTLY what you mean about parents who repeat back "cute" mispronunciations. We thought it was cuter than the bee's knees (what does that mean?) when Ben said "spacebat" instead of "placemat," and we were a little sad when he stopped saying it, but we always said it correctly. Now, if we can just iron out that pesky details like "help" coming out "hayulp" and "there" pronounced "dayuh." It makes him sound like he has a strong southern accent, but he really doesn't. So far, "meeyulk" is the only word I can get him to repeat back correctly.

Oh, and thanks for the hassenphepher reference. I found hasenpfeffer on m-w.com, and now I know what it is. That word in the "Laverne and Shirley" opening had driven me nuts since I was a wee lad.


These are my favorite kinds of posts, I smile the whole way through. You are so "in touch" Simon. Thanks for letting us share a small part of Dex's day with Daddy.

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