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Wednesday, 22 February 2006



Sounds familiar. When I bought a new subwoofer this weekend, Ben loved the box. Unfortunately, he also was quite enamored with the Styrofoam inserts. It quickly disintegrated and some ended up in his mouth. Time to take that away now, son. Thank you.


Well there's the capper for Amy of a fun-filled pregnancy! I didn't think I could commiserate more. Only 10 days (one hopes)...


You got a new subwoofer? Dude....


Si, what's a "bouti"?

Jim (of Brazil)

Man, I sympathize with your canine woes. You can't leave anything out in the yard down here without it being processed by my labrador "garbage disposal". I'm amazed by some of the stuff I find in the little piles he leaves around the yard.

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