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Tuesday, 31 January 2006



Jerry insists on keeping a ceramic lamp in the shape of a deer with a huge fluted lampshade with a large brown velvet bow on it that belonged to his grandparents. And a faded red plaid chair with an ottoman that needs refinishing. What a woman won't do for the love of a man...


She gets full points. That is good-wifery on a level nonpareil.


Ooooh! You've got the Anakin Force FX!

Declan's going to love that in about another 3 or 4 years!

If the lightsaber survives him long enough, you'll have to get another for baby #2 so they can wage "mock" battles. My lightsabers ended up in the swimming pool a couple times too many and stopped glowing and shorted out the motion-sensor sound effects; and that was *before* they cracked the blades in half. (Detail: mine were *not* the sophisticated Force FX replicas ... they were considerably cheaper!)

Santa brought us ...er ...I mean, brought my son ... an authentic Darth Vader helmet with voice modulation for Christmas though!


I should never have taken you to that first Star Wars triple feature downtown. I never thought that it would go this far.

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