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Wednesday, 18 January 2006



My now 4-year-old WOULD NOT, I repeat, WOULD NOT sleep by himself (even in a crib next to my bed as a newborn) until I gave birth a second time. He spent 10 months in bed with my husband and I, 3 months with me on the living room couch, and the remaining 15 months in a twin bed with me. I went to the hospital to give birth and he had to sleep with Daddy. Daddy was not amused. I carry home my squalling, ever hungry newborn and figure out that I cannot sleep in a twin bed with one while trying to breastfeed the other. It took 4 days of sitting in the room as he tried to fall asleep. Each night I was a little closer to the door. Finally I was outside the door. Have not had a problem since.

And for some reason, #2 has never had a problem sleeping in his crib by himself in his own room.


Wait... sleep?


Love the guide, Simon.

We're contemplating the move to the toddler bed. Our little guy hasn't shown much interest in getting out of his crib on his own (only succeeded once, several months ago). Also, he can open his door, so the first night we put him in a toddler bed is the night we can fully expect to wake to a little hand tugging at our covers. Or, heart-pounding crash somewhere in the house.

Guess it's time for door-knob locks.


Wow, I haven't been "there" for twenty-some odd years but you brought it back, detail for painful, tearful, expectant, hopeful detail. God bless little Dex. Are you ready for him to be the big brother?

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