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Saturday, 07 January 2006



Wot a 'andsome lad ye got there, mate.
Aim not quite shor just why ye not be wantin' me ta look on yer boy, but thar ain't na way I'm lookin' away from such a darlin' wee fella. I will risk the loss a' my one good eye jus' ta gaze upon the likes a' yer fine, fine son. Now that we be agreein' on yet another thing, might I compliment ya on yer amazin' diction, ya filthy brine-swillin' swine. ;-)


God I love love love him. And he looks so good with his haircut! I've been giving my boys haircuts with a comb on the electric razor since forever. It makes the hair short and I don't have to do anything with it! Wash and dry! No styling.

You're lucky that all he wants to eat is the shoelace. There have been many times in the car that I have turned arond and found the toe of his shoe in his mouth. Most likely covered in mud and debris.


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