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Sunday, 08 January 2006



Re: t.p. That's it - you're not welcome back in MY house anymore ;)


I'm in full agreement about the toilet paper. My reasoning won that argument when Marc and I first got married.


exCUUUUSE me? Your "reasoning" "won" that argument? I don't think so. I'm still convinced that, under the right circumstances, having the toilet paper roll under (or behind) the roll is better for one-handed maneuvering. If one is inclined to snap off the toilet paper with a quick flip of the wrist, the risk of uncoiling half of the roll is reduced significantly if the toilet paper hangs behind the roll.

Having said that, if one is in close quarters--for instance, if the roll of toilet paper grazes your thigh as you sit--over-the-top positioning of the roll is easier to deal with.

Incidentally, Simon, I also like to punch in all the little buttons on the fast food drink cups!


So are you saying Declan hasn't yet discovered the joys of unrolling the entire roll of t.p.? 'Cuz, dude, you'll so have to recant then...

Oh, and Canada Dry is ambrosia. That is all.


I do the same with the ice, BUT, do you slide the tray up and back under the faucet at an even speed as many times as needed (usually two)or fill each receptacle individually before you move on to the next?
I count stairs AND the cement blocks in the sidewalk from the parking lot to the entrance at work, but just up and in, not down or out. The escalator thing, depends on whether I'm wearing heels and/or feeling brave. You're wrong about the TP, Marc has it exactly right. I USED to push down the buttons on the cup lids until once the lid was not on tight and you can imagine what happened. I chug rootbeer, not ginger ale. Scary how much you have in common with a 49-year old woman, Si. ;-)


I'm a little late getting in on this one, but I had to chime in.

Rock on with the TP, Simon! I do the same thing, and I sometimes wonder if I upset some TP system or if they pay no attention to the way it hangs.

Counting things -- I count lots of things.

We don't use ice trays anymore, but when we did, I liked to run the water in only the first two receptacles, then tilt the tray to let the water run down and fill the rest. And yes, you must avoid overfilling. If not, you get "pop ice" all over when you crack the trays, and subsequently get little wet spots on your socks -- another pet peeve of mine.


Si, you have never had cats or other small curious beings in your house before.

TP needs to roll under - that was they can roll, roll, roll, and it just keeps going around.

Going over just leads to huge piles on the floor every afternoon when you get home.


Alec Lynch

I've got to add my voice to the "over" people. Not only is this morally correct, but studies show (yes, there have been studies) that overall people waste less paper this way. That said, numerous experts (no, there aren't actually experts) do make an exception for households with toddlers.

As always, wikipedia (look under installation) is informative.



Did you know that most toilet paper has one side that is softer, and one side that is less soft?

Think about it.

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