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Wednesday, 04 January 2006



Simon, cut yourself some slack. Declan isn't traumatized, instead he has just learned a wonderful cause and effect: falling out of the crib results in getting out of the room and lots of attention! Note the immediate repeat. Just make sure you pad the floor with blankets both by the crib and the bed (bed rails do help, but I'm not sure if they fit on palindromes).


I second Paula. A few months ago, Ben somehow got out of his crib, and I did't know it until I went to open his door (because the knob was jiggling as I approached it).

"Ben a bump a head," was all he said.

He has not climbed out of his crib since, but a toddler bed is waiting and ready to be assembled very soon.


My son is 3, and he has never climbed out of his crib, can you believe it? Me neither. It's got nothing to do with good/bad parenting; some are climbers and some ain't.

Alec Lynch

I'm with Paula, this is at most "unfortunate Dad." When I was younger I had no strength in my right leg, but, tragically being born without common sense, I would always start walking down the stairs right leg first, at which point gravity took over.

It got to the point where after the twelve tha-thumps my parents wouldn't even come to see if I was OK anymore, but would simply call out, await my groaning reply, and we would all continue on.

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