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Tuesday, 31 January 2006



Ah, parents...we spend so much time and effort teaching our offspring to speak, hanging on their every adorable uttering - only to turn around a year later and spend so much time wishing they would shutup for one damn minute so I can think!

Si, what all we caretakers of older sprogs are holding our breaths for is your posting about the fateful day Dex learns the word which strikes fear into every parent's heart:

"Why?" Repeated fourteen kajillion times.

Good luck, sugar.


Ben says "bug's yife." I'm sure you can figure out that one.

Good list. Man, they all develop their own style, don't they? Even after he has mastered a certain consonant in a new word, Ben sometimes holds onto the mispronunciation in words he's known since his babyhood. Example: "siyah twuck" (fire truck). If we ask, "Can you say fire truck?" he pronounces it with an "f" instead, but the next day he'll revert. Oh well. They'll get it eventually.


Little JuJu still has a tendency to put the letter "re" in front of words...such as regrage instead of garage, and restructions instead of instructions. I'm hesitant to correct this, as it is one of the last few remnants of his babyhood speach.


Even more enervating than 'why' is 'NO!', in my opinion. Our personal favourite misspeak was our daughter's 101 'Dognations'.


Sorry - double post:

Mark, I sure hope when you say:
"Can you say fire truck?" he pronounces it with an "f" instead,
you're not talking about the word truck ;). Oh, that's a WHOLE other source of (embarassed) parental laughter!


If at ANY point you EVER decide that maybe you can only handle one child, I get first dibs on Dex. I'm having the paperwork drawn up as we speak. You can visit anytime, of course. :-)

Alec Lynch

I suspect, Linda, you might have better luck with one of the dogs first.


remind me, next time we meet, to sing the "Bob the Builder" theme tune the way my nephew used to sing it a few years ago. Having never actually seen the show myself, I had no idea what the words were supposed to be, but I can still remember what he came up with... hilarious!


I read this post and it really hit home. You want a good laugh? Go to
and click on "Say Fire Truck"
This is my son saying truck wrong!! The hubby and I had a good laugh with this one. I hope you enjoy it!

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