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Monday, 02 January 2006



Your brain is totally working Dude. My favorite haiku was number four, glad you didn't munch your kin.
Also, I think we had the same New Years Eve. Mine was so bad I decided to re-celebrate last night with Mark Knopfler, shrimp cocktail and yummy Peche' Labic (Is that what it was???) Belgian Peach Ale. OMG YUM. Way better night...


Ah, yes, Haiku.

Spent New Year's Eve with the wife's family, and nobody in the house stayed up until midnight. I was the latest, and I hit the sheets at 11:30 p.m. Pretty sad crew, especially considering that only a few years ago I got some classic video of drunk uncles singing "Mac the Knife" on a home karaoke machine.


For gawd's sake, what a typo I made, it's Peche Lambic, not "Labic". What the heck was I thinking??? *totally red face*

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