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Wednesday, 18 January 2006



How cute is that?! I miss the antics of my little ones. Well, most of their antics. I could do without the temper tantrums, but even that doesn't seem so bad now ... maybe this means it's about time for me to become a grandma?


Darned cute pig there. I certainly was left wanting. Wanting sound, that is. Give us the snort!


How completely adorable. Bath time was always a fun time at our house. I could tell stories but JuJu would not be happy at me.


'elephant with a stunted trunk'

LOL! Oh, how I love an in-joke. ;)

Well, now Amy knows to buy you a video camera for next b-day...

Hazel Hazel

Too cute for words.


Oh! Oh! Oh! That kid is ridiculously cute! So neat to see him in action.

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