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Wednesday, 07 December 2005



Gotta admit, the kid is pretty cute.

What the heck kind of tree is that out front? Is that native to Canada?


Mark, those lights don't grow on it naturally... I put them there.

(wait for laughter to subside)

But seriously, it's some sort of pine. I guessed at it being a Bugle pine, but my wife disabused me of that notion and corrected me. I can't for the life of me recall what it was she said though. If I remember, I'll let you know.


That kid has really, I mean, really long feet!!! SO I was wondering......"What, exactly, is the speed of a Canadian Swallow???" One must wonder!!! " Especially when said "one" truly believes that if a man's feet are long, then so is his ....." verbal linguisity"... yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the way I heard it!!!! ;) Penny P.S. Are ya getting the sympathy "swollen ankles" yet?????

Alec Lynch

Your wintry welcome quote is interestingly timed. My wife just arrived home four hours early from her university because it's been closed for the day due to weather. Until this moment, I had suffered little culture shock moving to Austin TX from Nova Scotia. My mind is now broken however. The univsersity--during the week of final exams--is closed due to chilliness and a chance of rain. I admit you need to wear a jacket if you go outside today, but this is crazier than the other night when we went to the xmas tree lighting and sang "White Xmas" and "Let it Snow" in a crowd wearing shorts.

So as not to completely hijack your thread...the pictures are of course as cute as ever. I disagree with you about the table manners, however. I mean, his foot isn't actually in the food, which already has him doing better than myself on a bad day.


I just love that kid. He is going to make somebody a fine big brother someday soon.

And I love that quote....


I love that kid. He is going to make a great big brother to somebody awfully soon...


Oops. Didn't think it worked the first time. La la la. Sorry 'bout that, eh?

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