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Friday, 23 December 2005



Is anyone else thinking "good thing for Si it wasn't the day after Thanksgiving.... with one of those rather sophisticated gentlemen in a wish-making mood"?


All very good, but it Amy going to let you take that camera into the birthing room?

And do we really want that level of knowledge?

But clips of the son-a-grams can not too far off now can they?


I am with Elizabeth on this one, who gets to make a wish?


Of course, if this is what we can expect in future videos, I suspect the Pampers folks will want to start advertising on this site. Maybe you'll be able to quit that job, after all. LOL!

Don't forget you can do rudimentary video with most decent digital cameras these days.


Ha! That's a great new feature from Typepad. I'm a little bummed that my friends and I came up when "video camera" still meant the huge, hulking, shoulder-mounted VHS units, and nobody could afford them. Now that I have a miniDV, I have very little time to do anything with the video I've shot, but when I do it's fun.

You'll enjoy it, but with two little tinies running around, you'll be doing much more recording than viewing!

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