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Friday, 02 December 2005



Very nice, and gives me fond memories of my wife's pregnancies. We lucked out on the nausea -- as in, she had almost none. However, as her delivery was induced three weeks before the due date, we missed out on some of the best (and most often re-enacted by Hollywood) moments that pregnancy can offer. So, no exciting videos. When her blood pressure spiked again we were told by the doctor on-call to come up to the hospital, and to bring nothing. Famous last words. Just lucky the labor was long enough for a friend to bring some things to the hospital. Otherwise, our boy would have been born with a popsicle as a father. It was colder than frozen hell in there.


Well, I'm officially jealous and will live vicariously through your wife until we are pregnant with baby #3 (sometime 6 months from now). Keep the updates coming! And would Amy be averse to having some pictures published? It's all about the belly pictures!! I have a picture of me in a bikini at 39 weeks with Luke that I'm quite proud of and totally want to have as my banner picture, but my mom probably wouldn't like that!


The whole thing about being WAY bigger with the second, (and showing much sooner) is that your skin is much more elastic having stretched before. I think everyone thinks there are twins the second time out.

I'm glad to hear Amy's finally getting some relief!


Dixie, I might be able to coax my wife into some belly pics towards the very end. I got a couple of the first pregnancy, but not until very late in the game. If I can snag 'em, I'll post 'em. With permission, of course.


Did I say "pregnancies?" I meant "pregnancy." Sheesh. Got ahead of myself on that one.

And yes, you should get belly pics. I won't say you should share them, because then I look like some freak perv.

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