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Wednesday, 28 December 2005


Hazel Hazel

Hey, good luck with that flooring. And maybe you should make yourself a doctor appointment. Anyone with that agenda over a short Christmas vacation needs his head examined ;-)
Happy New Year to you and yours!


I got a taste of the late-night entertainment when the JuJu's were here for the Holiday. It's funny unless you're a player in the scene, I know. The baby is at her absolute cutest and most entertaining after she has been asleep for 3 hours and then wants to play at midnight. But I would go back there in a minute if my kids miraculously became babies again.
Good luck with the flooring. We're coming down off the remodelling of two upstairs rooms, 98% complete. You will never be the same, I promise you. DIY is for loonies ;-)
Your writing is fabulous, do you know that?


Grab me for help Simon, I put in the flooring in our whole house, along with several others by now.

It really is easy, easier than training a dog ;)


Kevin's done it too - he says to tell you the key is a good subfloor. But about finishing your renovating plans this week....I hope you really don't have any other plans for the next few weekends :)


Been out sick, but glad to see I didn't miss too much on your blog. After the dog's frozen piss problems you've had, I'd say ripping up carpet sounds like a good idea. The whole DIY thing? Well, that's another topic. I hope it goes well, and I so look forward to the pics.


As someone already said, make sure the floor underneath is good. And by that, I mean level. Otherwise, look for a seam in about 3 months. Good luck!


Question: does the dog bark every day or just most days? Is there a neighbor with an electric garage door opener or particularly low, throaty exhaust sounds to his/her truck?

I'm just asking, cause that was the reason why one of my dogs got squirrely every weekday morning but not at the same time on weekends...

Also, better make that a "month of Sundays" before all remodeling has been completed, you overly optimistic numbskull... ;D

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