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Friday, 23 December 2005



A subject I can relate to with shame and self-deprecating (didn't say self-defecating) humour. Change poopie diaper, wrap poopie diaper in plastic grocery bag, tie the top closed, and toss it on the back step. When three or four pile up, I finally break down and make the 15-second walk to the trash can by the back gate, dodging doggie mines all the way. Problem here is, we often hit 70 degrees in December (like today), so neither the diapers nor the mines stay frozen enough to knock out the smell.


Remember the Red Dwarf rule: you can double the lifespan of clean underwear by turning them inside out...

Linda (JuJu's Mom)

This was funny. And sounds oh-so-real, which is why I don't have pets. Ewww....
I can put up with any mess from the grandkids though. Of course unless they start shedding...
Got my own blog now if you want to drop by.
Hope you had a wonderful Holiday!

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