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Thursday, 03 November 2005



Educational plastic placemats (with alphabets/maps etc) made mealtimes much more fun and easier to clean up after. (I'm such a MOM).

tom Karges

if you leave the noodles long you can actually turn him into a redhead.


Great pics, Simon! People who are not parents just don't understand, and many who are just say, "Yeah, yeah, been there, done that." There's just no way to convey how you feel when looking at pictures of your own kid. That's frustrating to me, to say, "Look, see what he did?" only to have someone say, "Meh."


Cute kid, as usual. Thanks for filling the quotient in such a singular fell swoop. It makes all the difference ... And So It Goes.

JuJu's Mom

He's sooo cute! How can you stand it???

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